LCD solar charge controller

PDF File: LD2430S controller
Major Functions
The features are listed below:
Automatic Identification System Voltage, 12V/24V auto recognition.
Humanized LCD displaying and double button operation of man-machine interface.
Completed technical data for setup and modify.
High efficiency intelligent PWM 3stage charging
The load control mode can be selected, the timer function can be reset for street light at night.
Discharge capacity control
RS485 communication interface (optional)
Discharge Counter of Ampere Hour
Working Storage Function: record the total run time of system, record timers of error during running time, record times of full charged battery.
Reliable over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over load protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection.
Accurate temperature compensation, correcting the charging and discharging voltage automatically, improving the battery lifetime.
Roundly reverse connected protection.
Solar Panels, Battery, Solar Charge Controller positive poles are all connected together, adopting negative MOSFET in series control circuit.
Important Safety Information
It is better to install the controller in the room. If installed the controller outside, please keep the environment dry, avoid direct sunlight.
The controller will be hot in process of working, please keep the environment ventilation, away from flammable.
The open circuit voltage of solar panel is too high, (especially 24V and 48Vsystem), please take care.
The battery has acidic electrolysis, please put on goggles during installation. If you accidentally exposed to the electrolysis, please rinse with water.
Please avoid reverse connection or short circuit connection under 48V system, or the product easy to destroy.
The battery has huge power, prohibit any conductor short circuit the positive and negative pole of battery. Suggest to adding a fuse between battery and controller. (Slow motion type, the action current of the fuse should be 1.5 times rated current of controller.)
The suggestion of using
The controller could detect the temperature of environment to adjust the voltage of charging, so that the controller should be closed to battery as near as possible.
Recommend system current density of cables less than 3A/mm2 .
Try to use multi strand copper wire in order to connecting with the terminal firmly. Loose power connection and/or corroded wires may result in resistive connections that melt wire insulation, burn surrounding materials or even cause fire.
The battery should be full charged each month. Or the battery will be destroyed.
Technical Data



System Voltage



Max. Input Voltage of solar panel





Max. charge current


Max. discharge current



11.0V  ADJ 9V….12V×2/24V×4/48V


12.6V  ADJ 11V….13.5V×2/24V×4/48V

Float Voltage

13.8V  ADJ 13V….15V×2/24V×4/48V

Boost charging

14.4V ×2/24V×4/48V Battery Voltage less than 12Vstart boost charging 2 hours

Battery Over Voltage Protection

16.5V ×2/24V×4/48V

ReverseConnection Protection


Load Over Current Protection

Yes, each two minutes restart once

Charge Type


Temperature Compensation

-24 mV / for 12V system ×2/24V×4/48V

Working Temperature


Terminal Scale

14—6  AWG

Waterproof grade



190mm×108 mm×41.5mm



Please refer to software user’s manual for RS485 communication interface equipped.



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