Product description:
JYMU series inverter/charger is combination of an modified sine inverter, battery charger , Auto transfer switch into one complete system. When household AC power is disconnected, the inverter/charger inverts DC battery power into AC electricity. When AC power is avaliable, it recharges the battery.JYPU inverter/charger are available in different sizes and power ranges to run various of applications.
Application For:
1. Industrial equipment: solar energy system, solar street light system, etc.
2. Travel set equipment: vehicles, ambulances, RV, boats,traffic lights, etc.
3. Office equipment: computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc.
4. Household electrical equipment: electric fans, light bulb ,Energy-saving lamp, hair dryer, etc.

Unavailable For:
Most sensitive load such as ivacuum cleaners, air conditioning, lighting,microwave, refrigerators,saws, drills.

Product features:
·Modified sine wave output.
·Built-in 3-stages battery charger,allow to run loads while charging.
·Automatically Switch with a Ultra-fast switching time.
·Soft-start technology.
·High efficiency-converts the battery’s available power
·100% sufficient power.
·Aluminum shell with good heat dissipation and strong shock resistance.
·Optional Crocodile clip and cigar lighters , easy to connect batteries or vehicles’ batteries.
·USB charging port: 5V ,ideally qualified for powering your phone,laptop,etc.
·LED indicators for power and protections.
·Switch-mode design, easy to use.
·Intelligent fan for cooling,long use life.
·OEM and ODM are available, shell color can be customized.
·Optional remote control and LED display for 500W - 3000W inverter/charger.
Protection Functions:
3-Stages charging protection
Over load protection
Over temperature protection
Over voltage protection
Low voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Revers polarity protection
Technical parameter:



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